The configuration properties for setting up and customizing the RA for Box software is specified in the Settings tab.

Branding Settings

In the Branding Settings section we can customize the RA for Box user interface to have the branding and colors desired. The branding configurationĀ  generates a customized header that appears in all pages and email messages of the RA for Box software. The company name specified is substituted in the appropriate locations in the user interface. A link to the support email is present in all error message screens and in the emails that are sent to the external users.


User Management Settings

User Group Configuration

In the User Management section the admin can configure the User Groups. User Groups is intended for a domain specific way to classify users such that Box shared folders can be organized to be shared with members of a user group. In User Group sharing for an external user rather than having to manage a large number of shared link URLs they can log into a fixed external user login URL and get access to all folders shared with the user group.

Policy Configuration

The four policies that are used for external user management as detailed in Policies are selected in this section


Box Sharing Settings

The RA for Box has deep integrations with the Box APIs. In order to access the users and the content within an enterprise Box account a Box app is created within the customer’s enterprise Box account. In this section theĀ  properties to access the Box app and thereby execute the Box APIs on behalf of the customer’s enterprise Box account are configured.



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