SAML is the most commonly used enterprise standard for access control and is used by most enterprise IdAM vendor integrations. It is an XML protocol that involves a SAML service provider (SP), the RP application and the SAML identity provider (IdP), Resilient Access in this case, publishes their respective SAML metadata XML files and provides it to the other party. The metadata XML encrypts the public key of the RSA key pair that is used to encrypt the data that is exchanged between the two sides. The metadata also specifies the identity attributes the IdP will return to the SP application on successful authentication. Briefly, the interaction begins with the SP application sending an AuthN request to the IdP which involves a redirection to the IdP user interface for performing the authentication that may involve verification of user credentials and on successful authentication results in the IdP sending a signed and encrypted SAML assertion with the identity attributes of the user being authenticated. More details on the protocol on Wikipedia

Resilient Access fully supports the SAML 2.0 standard and has pre-built integrations with some of the most popular cloud platforms and service including Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Salesforce, Box among others. Cloud service or internal applications that are currently not integrated can be added by our professional services team. Resilient also provides customer branded ┬áSingle Sign On (SSO) portal that combines all the cloud services and internal applications that are used by the customer’s workforce.

Any policy created using the rich policy workflow infrastructure in RA can be used as the access control policy for SAML SSO. Due to the complexities of the SAML protocol, RA Admin Console currently does not have the UI to configure a SAML SP – RA IdP integration. Developers/IT staff can still build their custom access policies and contact Resilient sales and professional services team to deploy their apps within their custom branded SSO portal.


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